Curtis Eagle Eye Mullin is a researcher, author, poet, artist, musician, but most of all an explorer of the realms of New Lemuria, Astrotheology, Occult Symbolism, Polytheism, Supernatural Phenomena, UFO’S, and pretty much anything else out there!

“While some things are known, most things are not known.”

~ Curtis Eagle Eye Mullin 



World’s Largest Outdoor Masonic Lodge

Antediluvian Moai Civilizations

Mona Lisa’s Vaginas

Particles: Balls Of Coalesced Waves

Sound Bubbles

Adamu & The Lands Of Mu

Music: The Secret To Knowledge


Days Do Not Exist


Just Keeping An Eye On Ya

Highway Islands & Homeland Security

Earth: Our Never Ending World

Heil – The Interstellar Salute



Photo: Water Cymatics, by Ben Browne


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Midnight Goblin Faerie Forest Frost Runes

These Midnight Goblin Faerie Forest Frost Runes have so much to say in such intricately detailed craftsmanship script! Frost runes etched into the windowpanes at the stroke of midnight where there are so many new stories every single day — they use rune script to etch in visible scenes, landscapes, pictographs, wind barbs (graphic wind … Continue reading Midnight Goblin Faerie Forest Frost Runes

Atoms Are Mechanical In Nature Therefore: So Is Nature

Are we being watched? As technology grows in order of magnitude, it becomes increasingly more within reason to propose outlandish claims that the likes of fine nano dust particle technology will exist or already does exist literally everywhere surrounding us — even in our bodies; so that those behind the scenes can access what we … Continue reading Atoms Are Mechanical In Nature Therefore: So Is Nature

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