Religion: Medicine For Some, Poison For Others

Who goes around poisoning people anyways?

Religion nearly killed me.

The effects that religion had on me as a younger man nearly made me take my own life, out of a profound sense of feeling rejected, shun, bad, worthless, etc. by those very people whom I trusted to help guide me towards my higher purpose. The effect of being sent the message that we are totally worthless to those whom we invest all of our time and energy into or through or with, after we have placed all of our faith and hopes and strengths and talents in the… air, as we are told to do by those supposed ‘spiritual leaders’ (more like: spiritual abusers) can strip a person’s true spiritual identity down into shreds. This is truly destructive in an extremely psychologically sick and twisted and usually unseen way. People who have not been infected by this religious poison simply cannot relate, so do yourselves a favour and don’t expect anyone to understand besides others who have forged a similar path as your own, if this has been your experience also. I gave all of who I was away, sacrificing everything about me in order to trade my being, my life, my own spiritual freedom, for a promise to everlasting life in some really boring living conditions (no sex in heaven!? Wtf!?). Blindly placing our trust in such an empty promise — which no man or woman has the right to make in the place of the gods — can totally destroy our identity, our goals, aspirations, motivation, drive, reality, priorities, self-esteem etc.. It is how free spirits are broken down, shattered, deconstructed and retransformed into nothing, powerless; good for the grave. Just consider the destructive effects that religion had on native pagan cultures everywhere, in the age of colonization.

Social ostracism inflicted onto us by those we reach out to for help can utterly ruin our normal ability to function in society, and because we will leave our former life, most of our friends, our passions, hobbies, hopes and dreams, purpose, and also then eventually leave the “new family” who are supposedly “saved” and will always “love” us and help us — to figuratively sell all we are and own for one single thing called “heaven” (when in reality this is just sect/cult acceptance — because we are programmed to serve and please those who dictate “the word of god” (such bullshit, no man or woman knows the mind of god, yet alone all infinite numbers of all of the gods))… such people will find themselves very alone without anyone, rendered socially and psychologically incapacitated, or estranged at best.

The fact is that we are social creatures much like wolves are. It has been documented throughout history that the encouragement of our peers can make all the difference in life and death or other trying situations. Consider: a young Japanese child performing acrobats in front of his school might not be capable of performing his or her task, and after a few failed attempts this then causes this child to cry in front of everyone, but once that child’s peers circle around that child and bow down to this individual in loud energetic repetitive chant in order to encourage that child, as is Japanese customs…  that individual is then capable of succeeding at the task, against all odds.

Religious people know and understand just how truly powerful a role that social psychology plays in a person’s life, especially a child’s, and how peer-encouragement or the lack thereof can either make or break anyone. The best part? That is exactly how and why religious manipulation was DESIGNED — and not by the gods, but by man. Concerning dogma such as, “the meek shall inherit the earth”; “the weakest one will win” / “the first shall be last”… well, this is intensely problematic because those who (naturally) WANT to win — but then DENY that nature about themselves will believe this type of logical fallacy to be rooted in some kind of tangible reality, here — on Earth. When, in actual REAL reality, those ideas exist solely in the mind. As usual… saying one thing while doing something else entirely, usually polar opposite in professed quality of heart. Weak people don’t win, folks. They just get good at losing; which, admittedly, is an art and a strength in and of itself… but I digress this to the realm of paradox. As Alan Watts reveals to us, “they believe that they should believe”. We could also say that they choose to believe. How ironic is that; if we choose to believe in something or someone, what power can belief ever truly have over our own core freedom of choice — the source?


We cannot “debunk” a belief. But we can demonstrate that it is a choice. Naturally every choice has it’s consequences, of which we are solely responsible for. So if anyone is thinking of joining a religious group or is currently in one, even “for the sake of love” well… I’ll pray for ya (religious people’s way of saying: “Go hang yourself”)! Sure, pray for the hungry and pray for the poor… but the poor and the hungry would be much better off if you just made them a goddamn sandwich. Maybe even slip them a few bills, and check up on them every once in a while, you know… out of LOVE (the real kind)???

Religious people must learn that just because they think that their dogma or religion or so-called ‘spirituality’ will save them and makes their lives more virtuous — IT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT THIS WILL NOT BE ANYTHING LESS THAN TOTAL FUCKING KRIPTONITE TO OTHER FREE SPIRITS.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.37.02 AM

Religion is a serious mental poison for some of us out there which can and will debilitate even the strongest of men. It is my firm experience that there is much more pure unconscious evil in religious circles than there is outside of those groups.

Religious people know this powerful social weapon works; that’s why they shun people. “Enable them like showering a heroin addict with narcotics, then if they step out of line — pull the rug right under their feet cold turkey using the purest form of hate: IGNORANCE” (heroin addicts will — DIE — if they go cold turkey). Don’t let yourself or your friends or family poison themselves with this most wicked of evils that exists in this world: those people who claim to know and understand the mind of god, but instead covertly, whether unconsciously or deliberately so, are more concerned with gutting your soul right out of your insides and turning you into a dull lifeless guilt-ridden shameful small and unworthy mind-salve deserving of nothing more than mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse — by far the most vile form of abuse that there is, has been or will ever be on Earth. To have the effect of (deliberately) making a man or woman feel or think that — GOD — does not approve of them as a creature, either by way of shunning them or any other form of abuse, just because they voice their own mind… well, what a deeply profound horror this truly is.

By the way, the gods of the religious must be pretty goddamn small to necessitate the construction of buildings to worship and house them in… what kind of god lives inside the buildings of humans? Probably a human man-made god. Also, last I checked, the gods (that I know about) are not confined to the words on a page of some dusty old book.

Stay curious and limitless in wonder, friends. That’s how life is designed; we are not meant to have all the answers or solve all the problems. Real gods — do not have all the answers either, but I’m not certain of this because I don’t claim to know what the gods think or feel at any given moment of every single day! Believing that one god or one dogma will answer all of life’s endless questions and fill the cup of wonder to the brim, while you trade away your life for it… is literally worshiping LIES.

Respect yourself and your neighbours more than that.

As nice as some monotheists might claim to be or act, unfortunately, the reality is that any monotheism necessitates the abolition of polytheism. They might act nice and peaceful and loving… as far as your eyes can see, but deep down they perceive us polytheistic folk as demons worthy only of being “saved” or eternal hellfire.

I have spent half of my life’s beliefs under the spiritual tyranny of their “God” dogma. The way I see it, it’s their turn to acknowledge — OUR — gods.

It is always the mistake of the target to project their values onto the abuser; the spirituality of the old ones was inclusive and open-minded, but as any native culture, they chose to see the new monotheistic religion as equally inclusive, which it is not. How else do you think that they got a foothold on men and women as tough as Vikings? It was a mind game. A cunning psychological trick (more sly than Loki himself). Because the Viking spiritual mind is vast, infinite, and one with the earth and the heavens, the new religion sowed it’s monoculture seed therein, effectively obliterating any other spiritual crop… because — WE — (our forefathers and mothers) let them do it; for what open minded gardener of the spiritual landscape would not welcome a new crop into their fertile soils and onto their kitchen table?

And that is exactly how any abuser gets a foothold onto their target: by taking advantage of the values and virtues and projections of that target in order to cut that target off from their roots, their gods, their ancestors, and their folk.

When was the last time people looked up at the stars and counted their number? There is not only one star in the multiverse but an infinite number of them. The same is true with the gods.

Sorry, but I don’t trust monotheists!

Not even a single one.


Old World Norwegians collide with New World Monotheists:

Photo: Operation Werewolf


Have a good one folks!