Abusive Narcissistic Psychopaths


Reader discretion is advised for people 18 years of age or older for the following four blogs in a row, and all other narcissistic/abuse-related future blogs. My audience might find this information extremely disturbing to the point that it will literally make them feel sick to their stomach. However, there is great invaluable knowledge here that will equip even the most inexperienced authentic man or women in their encounter with an abusive psychotic narcissist.

The abusive psychotic narcissist (a virtually inanimate physical force) must conquer any and all who stand up to it. Any and all attempts to dismantle it’s unrealistic projected-self-image (that is: the image that it fantasizes about that others hopefully but realistically do not view it as) becomes the sole focal point for the narcissist. It must subdue. It must conquer. Failure to succeed at this is utterly shattering for the narcissist’s thin and frail outer shell. They need to SHOW how small they can make others feel because in reality it is THEY who are small inside, and in more ways than one. Don’t fall for it — they are way beneath us. Its all an act. Either they are simply too weak from the get go to rise above being properly socially engineered by other poisonous sons and daughters of Cain, or they have deliberately chosen to live the illusion of acting as their own movie stars in a fake movie narrative that doesn’t exist (they believe that they exist in a literal movie, with cameras and directors etc. surrounding and adulating them and their every awesome immaculate word). So keep in mind that actors are paid professional LIARS idolized by the mainstream team in order to constantly distract us from reality. This is not Twin Peaks, folks.

If you think that the information covered in these blogs concerning personality disorders is insane, well, that would be because it is insane. So, good for you to notice that.

“Oh, but… but we… we don’t like what he writes into the internet and onto the projection screens of our iPhones (that we own and have the sole password to operate)! So don’t read his shit, Dumbass. You do have control over your own goddamn eyelids, don’t you? Nah… hey, its way easier for abusers to got out of their way in order to physically bully and harass someone with a third party in an infantile attempt to force others to think like they do (because they don’t agree with the way other people express themselves), instead of simply ignoring those people, such as are the superpowers of mature adults. Even the Queen of England will ignore what people say about her. Isn’t she amazing to have the sheer steel balls that it takes to demonstrate this kind of prowess? I think so. But hey, a couple of lowly village folk are so much more superior and important than — THE QUEEN — right? 

Without the thin veil of its outer shell, the abusive psychotic narcissist cannot survive because: it IS that outer shell. We can think of them as easter eggs with super impressive war paint covering their entire surface. Allowing others to stand up for themselves (a form of true love), while in the jaws of the narcissist, will drive the narcissist to the brink of insanity. It would be like going to sleep with a mosquito in your bed, where the solution to such a quandary is to either kill the mosquito, or to leave — no other alternative solution is ever considered (such as allowing the mosquito to fly out of the window, for example). The abusive narcissistic psychopath would prefer the destruction of the entire home in order to terminate the mosquito, rather than allow it to live…
…reasonable in the case of an invading illustrious fire-breathing Dragon, maybe; but not when it comes to people. The only way that a true predator can continue to thrive is to continue to suck energy OUT of the veins of other/outer sources, usually presented in the form of some vain social body or function. Rather than GENERATE its own energy, it choses to temporarily feed it’s inner core which is in a constant state of depletion; much like a dying star when it is full of iron. How ironic. The reason for this depletion is on account of the narcissist’s blatant inability or the refusal to manifest it’s OWN true power. A good comparison for this might be in the evident differences between clean renewable energy sources the likes of solar, wind or geothermal power vs dirty oil (perhaps, then, there is a specific reason for our current global energy crisis, yeah?). Big kids chasing the light… sounds about right. Grow up, little kiddies. You’re not a Hollywood movie star.
Sorry about that, eh?

I once had an encounter with a couple of abusive psychonarcs (or ‘its’, as I call them). As a result I chose to research/write about it in order to fully comprehend what emotionally criminal social manipulations were intentionally being done to me — all on account of a TEXT that I sent to some insignificant ‘woman’ (more like a female with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old; alas, it was an adult) months earlier, about hanging out over a tea… later jovially confessing that I really meant ‘sex’ (just as if I wasn’t at least half joking, god…). Her and her ex (who allegedly left her for some ‘sailing expedition’ — yeah, right…) acted as though I burned their entire house down (THREATENING to get the cops involved if I didn’t stop texting her — after all of four texts, months apart), manipulating mutual friends coercively to attempt to walk all over me as if I was some kind of sexual criminal or something (just as if I would even bother to continue spending — MY — precious sexual energy on such an apath, gross).

Honestly, what a disgusting couple of psychonarcs. They would get along great with the ex. How could a man of my kind of quality of character ever be interested in continuing any contact with people who are cruel vindictive opportunists like that? After one tried to emotionally ambush me in a coffee shop while I was peacefully enjoying my breakfast (which it succeeded in doing — however unfortunate for the little splinter invading my space, it would discover that I am the bigger, stronger and louder, more powerful man so that the whole coffee shop shook at the sound of my voice until the little bully finally left me alone; like a fly being carried away in the night by a torrential deluge — but only after immediate initial and consistent repeated attempts to break its uninvited and unwelcomed violating contact with me, as I repeated over and over again: ‘No contact’ ‘I don’t want to talk to you’ ‘Go away’ ‘Get the fuck out of here’, but to no avail just as much harassing my ass and following me around like a starving little poodle follows its Master around for treats and a belly rub. It even accused me of texting other girls. Poor short splintery little thing would further try to communicate to me: “You ARE talking to me”, and, “I AM talking to you”, in spite of the fact that I was refusing all contact with it while also demonstrating the reality that there was no — REAL — dialogue of any depth or importance taking place whatsoever (contrary to what it desperately needed me to believe) — a very superficial collision at best, which I did not value in any real way besides it being an ephemeral benefit to me. I do enjoy learning about things that unless I am directly affected by them would otherwise find rather quite… boring.

It ought to be highlighted here that my initial gut instinct and intuition which told me to simply get up grab my jacket and my computer and leave without even acknowledging the minuscule narcissist violator — was the correct choice of action or inaction, rather. I could tell that it was exceptionally horrified at this thought of being ignored by me, the succulent prey, which is why it then later uttered like a squeamish little child about to have a tantrum, “I just want to talk to you“. In that moment I could also see that its child ego completely took over as I could feel and perceive all of the little violator’s muscles and it’s facial features and veins and arteries tense up; it suddenly turned into a tight little ball of dark disappointment. It was looking forward to manipulating me, you see. So having taken away that ‘opportunity’ from it, by simply standing up to it by rising out of my seat and grabbing my coat and my computer and then turning my back to it… well, this was a total fucking nightmare for the narcissist who wanted nothing more than to ruin my day by exalting itself at my expense, simply to put itself in a position of self-proclaimed moral superiority — using me. I feel special. I really do. This must have utterly destroyed the already depleting core inside of the narcissist, because it would later make the effort to bother to try to threaten me by saying, “Watch your back“… words of a true coward.

[We have rules in sports concerning checking or clipping players from behind for a reason, folks. Its physically dangerous, sure. But that’s not the real reason for why we have those rules in place. Think about it…]

So for anyone reading this — truly — the best most effective way to deal with these toxic vampires is to simply ignore them. This seems counterintuitive because it is actually quite easy to do for most of us. And because it is so easy for us to do, we undervalue the effects of ignoring such toxic entities. But trust me, just because it feels easy and right for us it does not necessarily mean that there is no effect in them. In fact, it is the worst possible outcome that a narcissist could encounter — especially when actively preying on a target. If I simply continued to ignore it, chances are that I would not have written this blog or other ones like it, and I would have likely never studied the psychology of narcissism and sociopathy personality disorders. So once again, let’s all take a moment of silence to thank the narcissist for evoking such toxic emotions within us empathic individuals so that we might have reason and sufficient motivation to learn about how to dissect these disgusting sadass little vampires, and also warn others about them. Yep, thank a narcissist for calling itself out, all on its own like a big grown-up little boy. Now everyone in my village can see these sad toxic little vampires coming at them from miles away, and all on account of a few undesirable nowhere texts which were sent out in an attempt to reach out for a little love, no less. They truly are beautiful little entities deep down where it really counts, aren’t they?


So thanks to having read up on the subject prior to this boring fleeting encounter, due to the apparent previous threats and manipulations and triangulations carefully and meticulously planned with such astounding genius by these sad little vampires, and thanks to having enjoyed some wholesome rich man-to-man conversations with savants on the matter of psychotic narcissism, I was able to focus on the ONLY solution when encountering a psychonarc, which is: no contact. Honestly — when agreeing to engage in some measure of direct physical confrontation with another man one must first value that man enough to bother. Better to win in a war than to win in a henhouse. I further blocked this heartless couple of psychonarcs on social media,  as well as one of our mutual friends (its what they wanted anyways, so — give them a cookie whenever possible, right? Poor little kids just wanted a goddamn cookie, fuck).

I figure that I must have done something right to, weeks later, receive an ‘imaginary restraining order’ from those whom — I — severed contact with first (I can say that it was nice for me to be the first to enjoy such an opportunity). Never identifying them on my blogs, it was they who instead chose to identify with — ME — because I am so amazing to them (wink wink, nudge nudge). Trying to legally harass me to be ‘forced’ to take down my social media comments about some vague psychonarc that I ran into at some vague coffee shop. Pretty gross, right? Calling the cops on account of a few texts on a computer screen? Wow… now that is fucking impressive.


If that ‘woman’ TRULY didn’t want to get all of my FOUR emails spanning over six months (‘constant harassment’, they called it) she should not have hit on me in the first place and asked me for — MY — email, or contacted — ME — first! See? I can do it too. Poor little child must not know how to use a block function. It even states in this imaginary restraining order that said narcissist attempted to talk to me but that I — REFUSED — (after having read this in the hallucination order itself I of course naturally assumed that I was involved with a couple of geniuses; or Dumbasses, rather). But hey, gotta hand it to them: it was a great ‘opportunity’ to step all over someone open enough to take a risk on love so that their response to this virtuous affair would be to ‘legally’ threaten to abuse that individual while also resort to cowardly socially coercive manipulation tactics on not only an exceptionally more sexually romantic male but also one who is a taller, better-looking, educated, athletic, strong, intelligent, and a much more talented man overall… one who has won all kinds of MVP awards in sports, and achieved all kinds of accomplishments surely beyond the ability of those who desperately needed to use the shallow means of ill-founded and exaggerated accusations. Can’t you just feel the narcissism!?

In the end, the knowledge base and introspective honesty offered by others on the matter helped me a lot in understanding this particular kind of attack; now realizing that these cowardly shallow forms of attacks are one of the main reasons why I do not get along with certain (usually cold) people; those rendered joyful by crushing others’ self-esteem and repressing freedom of speech — by the way, soldiers just — LOVE — people like that in times of war, just in case it had not yet come to mind; narcissists aren’t the only ones hungry out there. Fair warning, Mr. & Ms. Poison. But for years I assumed that I was the problem, with narcissistic tendencies of my own, which I must have, as many of us do have (especially those of us who deny it completely; this, I propose, is what sets the two classes of people apart). But now thanks to my fleeting encounter with these two psychonarcs, I understand narcissism much better and I can see that it is not ALWAYS me who is the SOLE problem in any given confrontation. It takes two to tango, and usually there is some poor sap standing on the sidelines foaming at the mouth on account of sheer childish jealousy. Poor fuck.


To think that people are lurking around out there with the kind of evil energy that resonates these rotten unnecessarily dramatized emotions within my heart is… well, pretty sick. Those people are sick. God I honestly feel sad for them; it must be a truly horrible way to live life constantly on guard and ready to attack at a knee-jerk’s reaction. But thanks to other people’s work and educating myself on the subject I can now see these sad vampires coming at me from miles away!

So I am left with a few important questions as a result of the above and other experiences that might be worth considering:

Are narcissists jealous or intimidated by other people’s state of being calm? This would partly explain why they have that heart-racing extremely uncomfortable stressful effect on our emotional state, and why they revel in fighting and arguing so much; and they indulge in this dissonance as a means to validate their natural state of (highly sick and uncomfortable) “emotions”, because if other people “feel” like they do then it must mean that they are “normal”. Could this be as a result of repressed or misdirected sexual energy? Do they seek to stress others out in order to update or keep the reality of their existence in check by experiencing it vicariously through those they infect/manipulate — temporarily ridding themselves of such poison by swapping it on to others? Would it then be an insult to a narcissist to refer to them as being a character possessing a quality which is stressful? If they are stressful… then they must not be “cool”, right? And if they are not considered “cool” or “cool calm and collected” as is the parlance of our times, would this not be a devastating perception of themselves (the reflection of themselves on the surface of the eyes of others, of which they are mostly concerned about)? Some narcissists that I suspect have let me know about this character trait that I seem to have; this would of course explain why they are so magnetically drawn to people who are calm, like rare earth magnets stick to stainless steel. 

Finally, how much effect might a cold shoulder have on a narcissist, say, while they are talking to us? Is this an effective tactic… to simply turn our backs to them in the very moment of attempting communication or infection with us; so to shield ourselves we might simply show a cold shoulder and continue upon our merry way without giving them even the slightest time of day?


Alas, it was a good lesson that taught me how to opt out of such toxic abusers ASAP. I just figured that it must have been a bad coke day for it, or something. Meh… no biggie, we all reap what we sow, right?

“Oh my, but… but we are AFRAID of him!”

Sure you are.

So, be “afraid” of him then.


Realistically speaking, though:
I highly doubt that you have any real concept of what fear actually is.

Read the next blog for more invaluable knowledge that will help you obliterate an abusive psychotic narcissist out of your life for good. *See I Just Want To Talk To You, below.





Have a good one folks!